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plan of action

Phoenix Ministries is committed to building sustainable programming to benefit Veterans. By starting small with a plan to expand incrementally, we feel that we can utilize our resources to fully benefit our target population.

We plan to standardize and document our methodologies helping Veterans to fully recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that we may share our process with the world to help countless others.


greenhouse living

Housing does not have to be expensive.  At Phoenix Ministries we believe the best course of action is to use greenhouses to set up dorm room style living. Each Veteran will have an approximately 8x10 living space of their own surrounded by plants of their choosing.  Greenhouses provide for minimal start-up cost as they are very inexpensive compared to other housing options.

Greenhouse living is a very efficient option, providing for savings on lighting costs, with a large availability of natural light. Artificial lighting is hard on the eyes, the mind, and the soul and can trigger PTSD responses. We will do everything in our power to limit those types of reactions in our guests. Natural lighting also helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, ensuring proper sleep and waking cycles, and limiting depression and anxiety. Dr. Jack Kruse is an excellent resource on these health protocols and his writings are a great guide for Phoenix Ministries programs.

Time in nature, specifically being exposed to a variety of flourishing plants, has many health benefits. Plants electrify the atmosphere and help to provide higher levels of oxygen, as well as mental and spiritual support for someone recovering from physical and emotional trauma.  Every species of plant has a unique energy signature assigned by the Creator, and humans can tap in to this to provide a well-rounded healing environment.

greenhouse commons

In addition to the main bunk house greenhouse, a second greenhouse will be set up to be a common area where Veterans may congregate and socialize, play games, cook and eat food, enjoy films and educational talks, play and listen to music, as well as visit with guests.

We also plan to set up a telecommunications center on the premises so that Veterans can connect with the public and share their stories all while earning an income through donations from patrons. Part of the healing process is relearning how to connect with other people. We plan to charge a minimal fee for patrons to speak with our guests to share stories, experience, build fellowship, and ultimately assist in the healing process. 

The goal of this portion of the program is to provide a minute by minute look at Operation SOS by connecting our Veterans to the greater community. Over time we would like to work with various transportation hubs around the word to set up teleconferencing pods so that travelers can have a positive way to spend their extra time by conversing with a Veteran. The Operation SOS cell phone app will provide subscribers with regular updates on the guests in our programs. This will also allow people to interact with our Veterans straight from their cell phones in addition to following along on social media and our website.


affordable beauty

Indoor dining and cooking facilities in the greenhouses will allow Veterans to positively connect with each other in new and innovative ways.  They can develop their culinary skills, social skills, hosting ability, and a propensity for service by taking the opportunity to serve their fellow guests and other members of the community. This will provide an avenue for healing by helping them reestablish purpose and fulfillment in their lives.


finding purpose


Part of the healing process, especially for Veterans, is finding, maintaining, and sharing purpose in their lives. At Phoenix Ministries we plan to set up a third greenhouse in which flowers will be grown to give away to the public.  Part of healing, we believe, is not only having purpose but also finding a way to give back to others. All of the flowers grown will be picked by our guests. We will provide transportation for them to local venues so that they may give away bouquets and potted plants of their choosing in order to brighten a stranger’s day. This philanthropic outlet for our Veterans will help them to have a beautiful reason to get out of bed every day.

Included in each bouquet will be an informational booklet highlighting each individual Veteran's story as well as their recovery process and the mission of Phoenix Ministries. 

This is yet another way for Veterans to connect with people on a deeper level and share the mission of Phoenix Ministries and the Creator's love.

being the future


Buckminister Fuller envisioned that the future would not be confined to the patterns and habits of the past, and that it would not be spent fighting the old but simply building the new.


Phoenix Ministries plans to implement the latest technologies and healing modalities that mainstream science has chosen to ignore for a variety of reasons.  Healing doesn't have to be hard or expensive, it simply requires us to tap into the gifts the Creator has already blessed us with through amazing humans like Nikola Tesla, Buckminister Fuller, Victor Schauberger, and many others.

We intend to document, record, and share everything we are doing FOR FREE so that the entire world might benefit from our mission and purpose. We are all in this fight for humanity together.  The more we can do to lift each other up, the more we reflect our true, inner Meshiach (Christ) within each and every Human in existence.

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