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Ultimate Meteor Singing Bowl Session

For those who want to leave this plane of existence

  • 2 hours
  • 5,000 US dollars
  • Local studio meetup or agreed location

Service Description

Crystal singing bowls release not only sound, but a piezoelectric field that can be broadcast via quantum entanglement and does not diminish over distance - and is exceptionally biocompatible with carbon based organic life forms. Good headphones are required during this session in order to impart the acoustic consciousness upgrade as well through something known as the "Organ of Corti" in the ear - which is a massive center of consciousness that cascades through your mind, body, genetics, organs, and soul as well. By utilizing different tones, chords, and tonal progressions - I can customize "clearings", upgrades, detoxes, karmic cord cutting and absolvement, trauma release, emotional processing upgrades, vagus resets, immune function boosts, or nearly anything else you can imagine. I've studied astrology, music, anatomy and physiology, quantum physics, essential oils, crystallography, metallurgy, played piano for over 35 years, and have worked extensively both one and one and in group sessions to condense the most powerful vibrational consciousness work available. This session includes a 14 pound Saffordite meteorite, another 3 pound Saffordite, and approxmiately 600 pounds of Agni Manetite meteorites spread around you during the crystal singing bowl session. Due to the intense amount of manual labor carrying and unloading that many meteorites, as well as the absolutely insane level of energies during the course of the session, the price tag on this is fairly steep. This session is for those who personally want to experience something literally out of this world (over 600 pounds worth of out of this world) - this session is for you. This session will also work well in a group setting for those who would like to share the experience with others - and a small fee will be added due to accommodating multiple individuals and tailoring it to their desires.

Cancellation Policy

Any appointments not rescheduled 24 hours prior will be charged 50% of the price of session

Contact Details


11360 Canal Grande Drive, Fort Myers, FL, USA

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