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Strawberry Princess has cold pressed Strawberry seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, Cherry seed oil, Hibiscius flower seed oil, Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil, Plum Kernal oil, Abyssinian seed oil and the best Sea Buckthorn oil made from the cracked open seeds you can find anywhere in the world....

Along with a tiny amount of Strawberry Essential Oil, Rose, and Jasmine Grandefluria.

The blend is specifically designed to keep skin youthful, elastic, delicate, protected, silky, and exquisite...

All while making your little girl smell of faint hints of strawberries, jasmine, and roses.

Basically - what you'd expect a little princess to smell like.

It's a very light blend that absorbs quickly, but the scent faintly lingers for hours - and has an exceedingly "non-greasy" feel to it.

The Abyssinia oil has organic chemical properties found nowhere else in the world that have the most profound skin supporting benefits that you cannot get in even the rarest skin creams/serums on the market today - and the other ingredients are equally as rare and exquisite.

This blend not only protects and nourishes skin, absorbs quickly, but preserves and maintains the feel and glow of "brand new youthful skin".

While older adults can certainly use this product, it was designed for the most part for little girls skin to help them embrace their inner princess - and radiate it outwardly as well.

There's nothing more adorable than a little girl that who's skin absolutely glows, and who smells like straberries, jasmine, and roses.

Over time - the psychological impact of this blend will be highly transformative to a little girl's self-worth and the way in which she carries herself.  Coupled with the action of lovingly putting on the most nourshing face product that you can find - you're setting your little girl up to know how she should be treated her whole life, and to really embrace her inner worth as she develops into a young woman.

It's also useful for women who want to embrace the "inner princess" within and take a little trip back in time to embrace their inner child and bring that glow to the world.

Stawberry Princess

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