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I've created Blue Lotus spyragic alchemical tincture in which I soaked 2 pounds of Blue Lotus flowers in 95% organic alcohol starting on the night of a full moon with a Pisces station direct.

Pieces astrologically is ruled by a Neptune - or Poseidon, and is the sign of Pisces.  Pisces anatomically represents the feet, and the deep and emotional subconscious.


Paired with the full moon energies, it feminizes the energy moving into a waning full moon to clear the emotional/divine feminine body at the deepest levels of the subconscious. The waters of Genesis 1 in creation called "Tahom" that represent the quantum realm of "the formless void" or "unreality" in a literal English translation.


The Blue Lotus flowers were soaked for a full month, the liquid was separated from the flowers, and the flowers were burned to ashes (representing a purifying death) then the "purified body" was recombined with the "soul of the plant" or the oil/spirit - essentially putting the whole product through a "death and rebirth" process to exponentially increase the potency.


In addition colloidal Iridium,  Rhodium, Platinum, and Silver are added - then combined with Blueberry Honey (which is ruled by Neptune) in order to active the Divine Feminine within your subconscious even further, and fully activate the template of the Divine Feminine with your DNA as well and help bring you Jesus to core of your soul and spear it past all barriers in your subconscious.

The Peacock/Thunderbird is the alchemical opposite twin to The Phoenix - and combining the two represents The Divine Union between Masculine and Feminine - and will help you clear the way to your most perfected self, perfect in God's eyes - the "Tamim" (the perfection which Jesus gave his sermon on the Temple Mount in Capaernum about).

Due to FDA compliance we cannot tell you to use Poseidon's bride at 3 drops per night either directly in the mouth our in water - starting on the night of a full moon, every day until the next full moon.  We can tell you that you can use this topically on the Crown or 3rd Eye Chakra.

It may also be used instead before being intimate with your Divine Mate (not just anyone you are with sexually at the time) before love making. 

It is very important that you make sure the person you use this with before being intimate is "the one" you are to be with - as it drastically opens the Crown Chakra, as well as entangles your realities and DNA extremely heavily.  Breaking these ties ones formed will be incredibly more difficult than standard soul ties from being intimate.

Men are also highly encouraged to use Poseidon's Bride to awaken their feminine side - as awakening the feminine within them allows them to be more receptive to their feminine counterpart's energy in 3D reality.

While Masculine is expressive - the Femine/receptive is required in order to receive that which you desire to manifest in your life, as well as awaken many of your psychic gifts (as the Feminine receptivity and emotional processing are at t