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The Hebrew letter "Shin" represents the "spiritual fire", and the word "Ishsheh" is the Hebrew word for "Sacrifice to The Fire" as used in the Old Testament in which a sacrifice was made in order to be purified.

Isheh is a spagyric made from Saffron threads - and Saffron pound for pound is one of the most expensive substances on the planet, and rightly so.

It is one of THE most potent purifiers of "The Blood" (meaning our body), and watching the video will help give you a rundown of just what exactly this product is capable of.

Those that are looking to "Purify any and all impurities from their body" have found the most potent solution, that also has extra fire energy added to it via the astrological conjuctions and alignments under which the creation was made.  It was imbued with massive levels of Aries fire energy, which heavily supports the kidneys and root chakra, as well as energy levels and blood - in order to further amplify the properties of Saffron in purifying "The Blood" (the body).

Isheh (Fire Offering)