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Idaho Blue Spruce is pretty close to the HIGHEST frequency plant on the planet - also known as "Picea pungens" in the scientific name (Pungens as in "pungent" - which it is potent!)

Idaho Blue Spruce vibrates at what's known as a 528hz tone - which is the tone of exceptional DNA repair.

It ALSO is exceedingly stimulating and decalcifying to the pineal gland - and helps one to really see beyond "the here and now" and connect to frequencies that are not of "this realm" and ground them in.

It's incredibly heart based and literally SEETHING with love, and the spagyric is about 100,000x more potent than an essential oil.

Idaho Blue Spruce ALSO is incredibly boosting to testosterone in both Men and Women (but don't worry ladies - it won't give you a beard, most women are testosterone deficient these days big time just like Men). This can help to enhance "self confidence" as well as "personal power" - and also skyrocket the libido and the ability to maintain and add lean muscle mass.

The most important part of this creation however - is the ability to help heal your heart and past wounds, and is INCREDIBLY emotionally balancing and will allow you to feel the love of The Creator at the deepest levels of your mind, body, and soul.

We are ALWAYS directly connected to the very source of Creation, and the one we attempt to call "God" and postulate feeble ideas of what this is/was/will be. Idaho Blue Spruce is a DIRECT connection straight to this source, to let you know that you and The Creator are never separate, even though in our 3D incarnation it feels like it.

You are a spark of The Divine - having a 3D experience of the Universe experiencing itself as a Human Being for a little while, from the perspective of your own personal flavoring of your view of the world from your current viewpoint.

Idaho Blue Spruce is a direct representation of the 1.618 / 0.618 Fibonacci spiral and the Golden Ratio unfolded in 3D reality, and stimulates DMT production in the pineal gland as well as the "milk" that is secreted from the pituitary gland.

Idaho Blue Spruce represents "The Divine Masculine" and helps both Men and Women connect to the that Divine Template.

It not only helps Men connect to The Divine Masculine and become that themselves, but it also helps Women to resonate with it and attract the same within and outside of themselves.

Idaho Blue Spruce helps one to embody the pure 528 Hz frequency to induce epigenetic alterations, as well as powerfully boosts ones mood and feelings of sacred power and the "I CAN" and "I WILL" - helping you to tackle the most challenging situations with confidence and alignment with the great "I AM".

Idaho Blue Spruce feels like your "soul chopping wood in the mountains on a brisk winter morning at sunrise" then coming inside to a warm bed with your lover and having hot coffee and pulling each other close for a morning together, and encourages yourself and another to conquer your day with confidence and sensuality.

Spagyrics are created by first soaking the raw ingredients (such as Idaho Blue Spruce) in 95% Organic Wine Alcohol to extract the "soul" for at least 30 days, while paying attention to the day of the week and the hour of the day, as well as the overall astrology to embody the spagyric with the energies of God's Gearwork of the Universe within the creation.

The tincture is then separated, and the physical body of the plant is burned to ashes and purified.  In this way the plant's body goes through a purification process akin to "Jesus 3 days in Hell" - in which the physical bodies release all impurities.

The ashes while screaming hot are then returned to the tincture or "soul" of the plant - in which the "pores" of the crystals are still open and absorb the essence of the plant.

This gives the "soul" of the plant a purified body upon which to return as a "perfected, resurrected being" - and piggy backs on nanotechnology and homeopathy, as well as astrology, cosmology, and both quantum and Nutonian physics.

In this way, the creation has undergone a "Death, purification, and resurrection" in which it returns to this world hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than a regular tincture or essential oil would normally be experienced.

Idaho Blue Spruce is also mixed with a Star Thistle Honey to add extra "Aries" energies to help it unfold more appropriately within the body, and to combine the energies of the honey to amplify the and multiply the power of the creation even further. 

The Idaho Blue Spruce was mixed on Aries conj Aries, burned on Aries conj Sun, and filtered/mixed on Sun conj Sun to add extra "Fire" energy as well as extra "Solar/Soul-ar" enegies to add active, transformative, restorative, and personal power energies.

Finally, a colloidal Tungsten was added to increase the "radiant" energy of the Sun and Heat of the Solar and Fire energies of Sun and Aries. 
Tungsten is the element used in incandescent lightbulbs to take the "solar" energy and convert it to radiant light when energy is added, and Tungsten has and exceedingly high melting point to help you endure extreme levels of fire energy whilst harnessing that energy to "Glow and Radiate" with personal confidence.  Tungsten is also exceedingly hard - giving you the emotional capacity of resilience and further confidence.

Combined, it gives your body incredible physical energy, durability, and increases biophoton emission while stimulating the Pineal gland to produce your own endogenous DMT, as well as a cascade of hormone regulation and stabilization back to normal levels (especially the hormones of "Confidence and Sexual prowess" to help you take on even the most challenging days with grace, stability, and feelings of "I can accomplish anything with God".

It should be noted, that spagyrics work on deep, deep subconscious layers that take at least 2 weeks to fully unfold and experience in a proper way.

Idaho Blue Spruce may be used topically anywhere you desire - especially placing a drop on the "crown chakra" and massaged in.

Please understand that a single drop goes a very, very long way.

Due to FDA compliance, I cannot tell you to place 1 drop 1-3x per day on the tongue (optional combination of 1 drop on the crown chakra) and meditate - as this is not FDA approved for internal use.

Idaho Blue Spruce

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