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This product is to help fully embrace the feminine embodiment of sexuality and feminine thought processes, as well as adopt the “curves of spacetime” within their physical body – and inducing high levels of “Aphrodite” energies in which to emotionally embody the energies of the archetypes of Venus and Aphrodite (the old legends of Aphrodite actually are talking about the astrology of the planet Venus).

Venus energies are receptive, sexual, feminine, emotional, seductive, and alluring.  Crimson Venus will help to Feminine even the strongest polarized Woman in her Masculine to embody the smooth, sensual feminine energies of love, seduction, sexuality, and “pure woman”

Crimson Venus contains an exquisite blend of White Magnolia, Red Magnolia Absolute, Pink Magnolia Absolute, and Orange Blossom Absolute - finished off with an Organic Acai Berry Seed Oil as a base carrier.

White Magnolia as a pure Venus energy to enhance the “Inner Aphrodite “ – pure Feminine energy seething with sexuality, confidence, and delicate all at once.  The power of creation expressed through procreation of a single station unified with all eternity, time and space.  The White Magnolia's delicate Femine seethes from her soul in an olfactory eruption of fragrant, Feminine ecstasy in her raw beauty and alluring capacity combined with the curvature of spacetime reflected in her bodily shape.

The Red Magnolia Absolute deepens the experience with the heavier, denser Femininity mirroring the depths of her radiance, beauty, sensuality, and emotional expression.  It penetrates to the heart of all that she is to express her perfection. 

It deepens the depths at which her raw beauty and Femininity is experienced and expressed, and gives measure to that which cannot be weighed in realm of emotional expressive and receptive capacity.

The Pink Magnolia Absolute brings both delicate lightness of a soft touch, yet makes the delicate touch penetrate to every thread of the fabric of her being.  It embeds a playfulness into the tapestry of her consciousness, while taking navingating her depths seriously using her heart as a compass - and her passion as her sails.

It elevates her awareness beyond her physical body to immortal spirit - yet gives the dowhauls to strike the trimming of her eternal spirit to her physical expression.

Orange Blossom Absolute brings just enough of a tranquilizing effect to allow her to appreciate the beauty in life and in herself, and the innocence and purity of the perfect bride within her.  It brings the hope to see past the traumas and imperfections and bring to life within her the magnificence she radiates in all she is and does.

The Acai Berry Seed Oil helps to spread the experience out like her wings unfolding as she draws upon her radiance to lift her above her previous limitations self-imposed upon her True Potential, and keeps her spirit from running from the embodyment of all she is that is Her Destiny.

Apply 1 drop to the insides of the ankles, inside of wrists, and over the uterus/ovarian centers to further apply intention