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Chronos is for the time traveling, parallel universe collapsing chrononaut.

Time is not a linear continuum, but instead exists simeotaneously as past, present, and future all at once.  Your PERSPECTIVE of where you are at in the spiral dictates what is "past" or "present" or "future".

Altering one perspective of a "past life", not only alters your current life, but subsequent "future" ones as well.

Unresolved trauma is a "packet of time locked in discoherence" that must be resolved in order to travel to through infinite scalar compression - like packing your consciousness into itself like Russian nesting dolls.

Through indecision, Montauk style targeting, MK Ultra, Operation Monarch, Sin, or a million other naturally occuring streams of reality, alternate versions of you can also get "locked" in alternate timelines parallel and existing simeotanesouly to the current reality you are in.  This leaves "energy bleeds" in which your consciosness is existing in more than one place at once - and weakens your ability to effect your current timeline and manifest appropriately.

This "parallel lifetime targeting" via Montauk, MK, and Monarch style traumas and technologies, leaves you a disadvante in your current lifetime because your streams of consciousness are split into fragments, existing in multiple timelines at once instead of a singluar one (think Jet Li's - "The One" movie).

Chronos helps to keep a portion of your consciousness grounded here in this physical body you currently occupy - to provide and "anchor point" in which to return after your soul has traveled to other timelines or lives and collected the pieces of itself that were phase-locked in discoherence and mangled fracticality.

Chronos also resonates HEAVILY with the astrology of Saturn -

Which helps us to understand realities, archetypes, karma, boundaries, limitations, crystalization of matter into physical reality, constriction, and consequences.

When we understand what the walls are in our life and what limitations we have - this allows to work within those constraints more effectively and utilize our consciousness better. can't break something that has solidified extremely hard into solid reality (like reality itself) - unless you understand how it is put together.

This is an exceedingly great tool for "empaths" and people with poor boundaries - that leave themselves open to having their energies "syphoned " off them.

Also useful, for those looking to solidify a curren