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Aries rising is an extract from Maca, Reshi, Ashwaganda, Black seed, Goji Berry, cordyceps, lion’s mane, black maca, dandelion, milk thistle, stinging nettle, and red sandalwood powder. It was started on the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 12/21/2020, burned off on an aries direct station, and filtered on an aries/taurus alignment.

Aries rising is also blended with a special ratio of colloidal gold and titanium - which would be the alloy that Ironman’s suit would be made of - as it’s 10x harder than steel, immune to acid, biocompatible, and a near super-conductor.

It is combined with Coffee flower honey (ruled by Aries) as well as Start Thistle Flower Honey (Ruled by Aries) - and finished off with Goldenrod Honey to add extra “hidden fire” as well.

Aries Rising was designed to awaken your inner warrior - specifically to push back against control systems and hardened belief systems that limit your reality.  It isn't just a "let's fight for the sake of fighting" as many Aries like to do - it's balanced with specific "peaceful warrior" energies that would make Lao Tzu proud, where the only battles won are the ones you never fight.

Aries Rising will help awaken not only an incredible level of physical durability and ability to regenerate, but also a mental tenacity and ferocity that is not dulled or worn out by battle.  Physically do not be surprised if your body changes drastically, and if hormones realign rapidly in ways they haven't since you were in your late teens.

For those of you who are here to push back against the current control systems that are hijacking Humanity - this is the solution you're looking for in order to become "the glitch in The Matrix" that is a virus for good and unstoppable positive change.

Aries Rising is best taken starting on a Monday taken every day for 4 full weeks until the 29th day (which is a Monday you'll end on) - and taking 3 drops either in the mouth directly or in your water upon waking is your best solution.

Aries Rising