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The Electronic Parasite and Social Engineering

Anyone reading this will no doubt, remember the COVID fiasco of early 2020. I don't have to really remind anyone about lockdowns, forced masking, the fear campaigns, the division and hatred - but I'd really like to focus on the social engineering that took place to paint a picture of deliberately induced addictions through social engineering, and how it relates to attaching an "electronic parasite" to your consciousness. Let me explain. Social engineering has been at the core of things like Operation Mockingbird and the Tavistock Institute. Music and Movies have long been used to steer Humanity in a desired direction - and it's been happening for a long time. The Beach Boys of the 50's, The Beetles, concerts like Woodstock and its movement, 80's metal, Boy Bands, rap culture, Cardi B, Kim Kardashien and her lot - if one takes only a moment to objectively look at how each of these people or groups was used to craft and socially engineer large groups of people, you'll start to see where I'm going to an extent. See the thing is, they're all just middle men for an agenda - and all of the data over the years about Human Psychology was cataloged and refined, so the powers that be could learn how to steer Humanity to their bidding and agenda. Fast forward to the term "social distancing". First, there is no such thing. There's PERSONAL distancing - but SOCIAL distancing was just a clever term made up as a "psychic implant" or "psychic attack". It's a non-physical weapon that we wielded in against an unsuspecting populace - and the "tools" such as celebrity figures and the media (primarily through fear) pushed this psychic weapon against each and every person on the planet. Now, the obvious agenda that was pre-orchestrated to get everybody vaccinated is only one agenda, but there's other hidden agendas that not everyone is aware of. One of the key ones was to fragment the social structure, and deliberately promote addictive behavior as much as possible through loneliness, fear, and desperation. Let's take a look at a quick study here:

A recent study published in Nature Neuroscience shows that social interactions can have a profound effect on drug self-administration and relapse and on the brain’s response to drug-associated cues. The research was conducted in Dr. Yavin Shaham’s lab of the NIDA Intramural Research Program and was led by Dr. Marco Venniro.

The researchers gave rats the option of pressing one lever for a drug infusion or a different lever to open a door and interact with a social peer. The rats opted to open the door more than 90 percent of the time, even when they had previously self-administered methamphetamine for many days and exhibited behaviors that correspond to human addictive behaviors. The study goes on to show that rats that were given social connection, would choose that option over drugs - even once they had gotten "addicted". Social interaction appeared to be the "cure" to any addiction, and it gave a more powerful reward than any drug that could have been offered. So now, how does this relate to social engineering and digital parasites? Well, if you were a power that be wanting to gain total control over not only a nation, but a entire planet - how would you best achieve that? Well obviously the fear of "you're all going to die unless you do what the experts say" is a powerfully motivating option that was of coursed, utilized. The other thing you'd need to do though - is break the social ties among families, friends, communities, and neighbors. You break the support systems that provide people the best brain rewards, and this leaves them open to addiction priming. Now the lockdowns and psychic attacks through social engineering from 2020 and into 2021 were an excellent example of this, and look at the success their programs yielded. Neighbors and families were completely divided, loved ones were left to die alone in solitude, friends would turn enemies and call the cops for someone having one too many people over for thanksgiving dinner, fistfights would ensue over someone being immune to the mind control around wearing masks. Look at the cleverly crafted phrase of "I wear mine to protect you, and you wear yours to protect me!". Well, if it protects....why doesn't you wearing one, protect you? If you have one and it works, why do I need one too? Logic didn't matter, because people were adhering to a slogan, to a psychic implant. Addictions skyrocketed. Drug and alcohol use soared to an all time high. You know what other addiction also skyrocketed? Phone use. Social media inspired dopamine fix addictions.


Now there's the obvious addiction symptoms that come with excessive phone use - but I ask you to look across the grander scale. People were able to be influenced in levels never before possible, because of the lack of connection and fear they were subjected to. Their sense of connection was shifted to a little electronic parasite in their hands, that would call to them at all hours of the day and night. Get up. Check your phone. Can't sleep? Check your phone. Ohhh you're out to eat? Check your phone. Let's talk about a little thing called "Telsaphoresis" and carbon nanotubes. Yup - you see where I'm going with this.

(Does this look anything like the clots they're pulling out of people? Yup.) What is Teslaphoresis?

Scientists at Rice University discovered something while playing with Tesla coils and carbon nanotubes. They were able to get the carbon nanotubes to self-assemble when the carbon nanotubes were within range of a frequency being emitted by a Tesla coil.

They then figured out that they could use this phenomenon to create self-assembling circuits.

As you see here, one of their experiments was getting these components to self-arrange in a way that made it possible to light up LEDs. They were successful. Why is Teslaphoresis relevant right now?

Teslaphoresis is able to assemble carbon black, graphite, carbon nanoparticles, etc., into wire-like structures which are able to conduct electricity.

According to Dr. Andreas Noack, a leading activated carbon expert who, according to his girlfriend, was killed after disclosing this information, the shots being administered to people in order to “protect them from COVID” contain one atom thick graphene hydroxide “razor blades” which are causing the massive uptick we are seeing in cardiovascular related deaths in professional athletes across the world this year.

This week, a governing body has finally admitted that the shots contain graphene. After a request was made to investigate someone’s death post-“vaccination,” Dr. Patricia Aprea, Director of Evaluation and Control for ANMAT in Argentina, had to admit on the record that the shots contain graphene. There are a massive number scientific publications that cite how toxic graphene is to biological organisms. (Currently Dr. Patricia was forced to retract her statement as an "error" - and you can speculate why)

So, what happens if a person, full of graphene, comes into contact with a Teslaphoretic field?

Exactly what you think would happen: The graphene components inside the human body will assemble into wire-like structures and will carry a charge. Considering the human body is electrical, these components could very well be used to influence or overtake many functions of the human body.

Additionally, researchers have found and published information regarding microstructures in the shots which are likely to be components of a wireless nanosensor network, lending further credence to the Teslaphoresis theory. While Fauci is busy getting ceremoniously thrown under the bus for “gain of function research,” which we believe is a carefully crafted distraction designed to prop up the other side of the germ theory argument in order to keep people from catching on that contagion is a myth perpetuated by the medical industrial complex to keep people from undertsanding why they get sick so that they are beholden to the industry to keep them just barely well, the real bioweapons research is in designing biotoxic shots that contain components which become reactive when exposed to a Teslaphoretic field.

The medical industry is designed to turn human beings into medical annuities and to ruin the lives of doctors and researchers who figure out the truth and attempt to tell the world.

The hearings surrounding “gain of function research” are nothing but a bread and circuses paper trail designed to keep your eye off the ball. It’s a GIANT red herring.

So, then, where’s the ball? Project Veritas got closer to the ball than anyone else by exposing Fauci’s involvement with DARPA, but so far, no one has been connecting the dots among the focus of DARPA’s research in recent years and the Teslaphoresis theory.

To make an incredibly long story short, if you look back through the agenda and presentations from the DARPA symposia over the past three years, you’ll see that the bulk of the work being done is surrounding AI, biometrics, semiconductors, and most importantly, the development of applications for an INTERNET OF BODIES, which is similar to how we already know the Internet of Things (IoT) functions… except the “things” are people.

Why develop applications for a system you have not already developed? Well, it IS developed. The interface is in the shot: It’s graphene + microstructures + Teslaphoresis. You see it's not enough to just get the graphene/graphene oxide into people, you need them to be around something that emits a large electrical frequency for long periods of time. And, what better way to achieve this - than to get them addicted to it, so it's always on them...assembling carbon nanotubes nearly every hour of every day. This article is not spread fear mongering - but to simply educate people to be more mindful with the use of their electronic device, and to help start unwinding the electronic parasite that has burrowed its way so deeply into people's minds and daily habits. Credit must also be given to a wonderful thread that some of the information was laid out clearly, and more deeper readings are available for those that seek them here:

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