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Solomon's Temple

Let us start off with an idea

What if the Bible wasn't a history book, but instead a book of psychology? When Cain killed Abel - what if this was the lower mind (Cain) killing our spirituality (Abel)? What if the people in the Bible never existed? What if every person in the Bible was actually YOU and an aspect of your consciousness? What if the "Temple of Solomon" was actually YOU and your consciousness? What if Solomon is YOU? We could argue left and right about history - but history as we know, is nothing more than an agreed upon set of lies. I won't say there's not evidence that certain people did or didn't exist, but that's not exactly the point today. What if the Bible was a book of mysticism? Of psychology, numbers, gematria, lessons, patterns, allegories, and symbolism? Let's refer to the picture above - the Vetruvian man overlayed on Solomon's Temple with the 7 chakras next to it. Let's start with the feet in the picture - notice the picture of the "fish" there? That's the symbol for Pisces - which in astrology rules the feet and disorders of them - and also in Kabbalsim the "Malkut" - which represents the physical manifestation here on Earth, in essence the "grounding in" of the spiritual to the physical.

“The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house and they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third.” MELAKHIM 6:8 JB

“The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house: and they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third.” 1 KINGS 6:8 KJV

There are clearly two winding staircases. Do you see the staircases in the picture starting at the calves and then again reappearing around the "Hod" - or the 3rd chakra known as the "SOLAR plexus"? 7 Chakras - 7 seals which need to be opened in the book of Revelations - all of which need to be opened and purified in order to make Carbon 7. 666 - or the number of "Man" (the Hebrew letter "Mem"). Not the number of the beast, but the number of "Man" (and not Human). Carbon 12 = 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, 6 Electrons. Upon opening the 7 seals you get Carbon 7. 6 Protons, 1 Neutron, 6 Electrons. Purification through "The Christ". The rapture is when you go up into the "air" in your mind and meet God - in which your whole internal world is created anew, and thus your outer world is changed in an instant as well. As Jesus said - "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you", and upon looking at the first picture we can look at this from a Jungian psychology perspective. Each of the 12 constellations (the 12 disciples) rules over a part of the body, and thus a part of the mind (3 - 7 - 12).

The 3 = the Trinity, the 7 = the Chakras, the 12 = 12 meridians.

Note the sign for "Capricorn" in the knees, the sign for Cancer in the Breasts, Gemini in the Shoulders in the very first picture. A simpler version is below.

If that's not enough - let's complicate things even more...

The point of all of it - is to learn to read the symbolism and understand the depths that are actually behind it. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within YOU" The Human body is a perfect mirror to the cosmos of our solar system, the heavens above you (the planets) are perfectly mirrored in your body, your mind, your thoughts, and your consciousness. You are a wonder of creation that is beyond every-day comprehension. You're the heavens mirrored in perfect geometry of the Golden ratio - of the angle 137 that is represented in the angles of the golden ratio (refer to blog post on "137). Your DNA in its height vs it's with is the golden ratio. The ratio of your hands to your wrists and elbow, the golden ratio.

You're a perfect mirror of creation, of how the very galaxies in the heavens themselves swirl are represented in YOU, in every aspect of your body, in your mind - and in your very DNA. Have you ever taken a moment to sit back and marvel at the entire wonder of creation that is mirrored in YOU? When it was said that "You were created in God's image" - it's because you were. Look around you, you look up, and look inside. You weren't created from mediocrity - you were created from DIVINITY. You are the very dust of the Earth - given life through breath. You are more beautiful than you've ever been allowed to believe. You're as complex as the heavens themselves. And you're as perfect as the spark of creation - for that spark, that fire, that life, that LIGHT - lives within YOU. There are 3 things - The Light, the DESIRE to receive that light, and the body to house it. You're like a lightbulb - but you must plug yourself in. Do you DESIRE to receive that light and shine it for the world, to be a mirror of the Divine? To be the Carbon 7? Or does Cain rule over your mind and your life - day after day slaughtering Abel and killing the thoughts of your higher mind? Do you live in Egypt (the lower carnal mind/left brain) and ruled by Pharoh (the Earthly desires) - or do you live in the Promised Land (Israel) which is the right side of the brain or the spiritual side of you? Have you parted the Red Sea within yourself (the Corpus Callosum) and separated yourself from your emotions to move over into your inner Israel - in which point you can walk on water (the emotions)? Want to know how to do all of this? Give the Creator the one thing it doesn't have... Your attention. The rest happens on its own, when your DESIRE is there - and your voltage goes up so you might shine for others to see.

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