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Mandatory Masks and the projection of the "Shadow Self"



As Humanity's collective consciousness continues its purge and the light shined on the Shadow Self, both individually and collectively - our darker aspects will be shown not only to ourselves but to others. Each person we meet is a fragmented reflection of ourselves in some way - and each encounter is a chance to analyze our interactions and reflect upon the places the shadow projects itself upon others to be reflected back. The global collective consciousness and the state of Humanity's consciousness will be reflected on a global scale on this Earthly realm - the reflection of "Above" being shown "Below". The Coronavirus from a spiritual perspective - is a manifestation of the toxic language that we project outward. Everything has an energy and a vibration to it - and due to the natural laws of God, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. When collectively our speech toward one another (or in general) becomes more toxic - so too do we attract the energies of the situations of "toxic speech". If anyone has seen the work of Dr Emoto and the effect of intention and speech upon water, this concept will be familiar to you. For those that are not up to speed on this topic - I encourage you to watch the video from an institute of Stutesgaard in Germany where scientists were able to accurately reproduce an experiment of frequency, emotions, and water here:


The great motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, "You attract everything you do, by who you are." For a business person to speak so spiritually accurate is quite astounding, for it is completely true that the projections of our reality that manifest as what we interpret to be "real" are indeed of our own creation. Every unhealed shadow aspect will attract certain situations, slowly increasing with intensity until it will eventually demand your full attention. In an incredible book called "My Car, Myself" - a psychologist stumbled upon what could be called Jungian Psychology quite by accident. In this book, the psychologist happened to notice a pattern in his clients of their emotional state being reflected in their current reality on a larger scale. The "Car" in Jungian psychology is representative of a person's "emotional vehicle" in which they ride around in, and the way a person's car was treated would indeed reflect the emotional state of the person. People who don't take care of their physical bodies would have dirty cars, people with emotions that hadn't been dealt with would have packages and "things" that were unnecessary riding around with them everywhere they'd go for weeks. More astonishingly he would notice a pattern in people that had "anger issues" would consistently have their cars overheat - even if they purchased new ones or got the old ones fixed, the problem would seem to "follow" them and every car they drove would overheat. People who were emotionally unavailable and wouldn't let people in, would have their door handles break off consistently. Those that were unable to take control of the direction of their life would have their steering be effected as well.


So what does this have to do with the Coronavirus? It was necessary to paint the picture of how our subconscious is projected into our waking reality and how our thoughts have a direct effect on the experience of the world around us, as we are conscious (and usually subconscious) co-creators of our own reality. The reflection of a "virus" that affects the lungs and speech of humans, would reflect the state of the global speech and air in general. As hate-filled speech is pumped out not only between people in person - but in the digital realm as well - that in essence "dirties the spiritual air" and that energy will manifest itself physically once it passes a certain threshold. Biblically this topic would be described in the story of Jonah and the city of Ninveh - where The King heeded Jonah's advice and surrendered himself and the city unto The Creator and changed their ways, lest they attracted the destruction of their city by not pumping out the energy that would attract their destruction.


"The way you talk to others online, is the way you talk to yourself in your head." "That which we judge in others, we are silently judging in ourselves." Per the natural laws of God and following the basics of Jungian Psychology - we can indeed see how all of these "shadow self projections" in the form of our words, thoughts, and deeds attract to us all the situations and reflections we require in an external form in order to take note of our internal state. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. As it is in Heaven, so it be on Earth. Know thyself, Know God. The Kingdom of Heaven (or hell) is within you.


So finally, we come to the nuts and bolts of the "Mandatory Masking". At its core - it has roots in two different places. One is remnants of "Stockholm Syndrome" in which Humanity is identifying with its attackers that have deliberately traumatized us repeatedly. False flags, manufactured wars, psychological operations carried out over the media, poison as medicine, deathcare as healthcare, the list is extensive and nearly unending. The "Everyday Stockholm Syndrome" your average American (and basically every citizen in the world) has deeply rooted - and is perpetuated via programming in "the pledge of allegiance" and "national anthems" and various other propaganda machines. Do not get me wrong - I do not hate America. This is a global process that unfolds in every country in history as "identification with this or that" creates blind division where people see themselves as "separate" from anyone not living within their magical boundaries man hath doodled upon the globe, only to be erased and re-written frequently. We are simply calling out that which is True - that Humanity and citizens of every country have been traumatized deliberately in order to create an obedient populace. To what extent and in what ways is absolutely debatable to infinity - but the reflections of it are un-deniable. The second aspect is the projection of the "unhealed shadow self" that is being projected upon others. Which aspect of the shadow self is this one? It's the one that doesn't want the responsibility of being accountable for their actions. You'll notice the very scant availability of doctors or government officials or health officials introducing information that can help people naturally boost their immune system and ability of the body to fight "infections" (more on this later). This is also a reflection of our consciousness of a country as a whole - and each of our own inability to take responsibility in our own lives. It is far easier to neglect the personal responsibility of taking care of oneself - and simply push that responsibility off on others. "You need to wear a mask to protect me." "You're being selfish if you don't wear a mask" These are the words of someone both scared (rightfully so - as the media is deliberately traumatizing everyone) and of someone projecting their inability to take responsibility for their health onto someone else. Am I saying that wearing a properly fitted mask that was designed to slow the spread of viral particles can't help? No. What I AM saying - is that simply putting a mask on, is only "masking" the real problem. It's much easier to tell someone else that they need to do things to make you feel safe, than it is to take responsibility for your own health and make sure you're eating correctly, not drinking excess alcohol, exercising, maintaining your emotional health, and regulating your reactions to external stimuli.


The Solution

The way out of this mess - is radical personal responsibility. Every time you are triggered by someone else's comments, look internally as to why you have attracted this situation. What part of the Ego requires a reactive response on any level? What part of yourself could you find in your shadow being reflected externally can you heal? What level of alchemical process could you apply to transmute both yourself, AND the situation? In what way could you DO something that would help clean up the toxicity that the world holds spiritually? How could you find a way to marry all people's into disagreement, yet still in harmony? What new skills or gifts could you develop that would help lift Humanity's consciousness higher and "break the spells" of ignorance and fear? As someone great once quoted: "That which I can do, you can do and more." Perhaps heeding his advice, and the way in which he taught it - could really help turn the world around.

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