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Parasite Purge Bundle

This product is part of an entire set you will receive when you order, and doesn’t include just the Parasite Purge spagyric, but also a meteorite called Agni Manetite, as well as a piece of wood from a very special plant called Agarwood.  Also included, will be a live and recorded singing bowl and guided meditation session to go along with it.

This is going to take me a little bit to lay out for you, so please bear with me – as there really isn’t anything else on the planet like this.

Let’s start off with the Spagyric itself:

A spagyric is an alchemical tincture that is about 10,000 to 100,000x more powerful than an essential oil, dependent upon the consciousness of the creator of it and the process of the creation – as the attention to detail is imperative to its success, as well as the internal change of the alchemist as well.

A spagyric works on a deeper, subconscious level – in essence it works “top down” instead of “bottom up”.  What is meant by this – is the thought patterns associated with the physical body are addressed instead of the body being addressed before the thoughts.  This means that a spagyric works almost “inversely” of a standard supplement, because it starts in the spiritual realm and works downward.

This means that the changes will be more “mentally” noticed over the body itself being the primary feedback mechanism, which is the opposite of how most supplements and tinctures work.  This means one will usually do a slightly longer term use of a product, but also use less of it over time – as the changes to oneself happen more in the subconscious realm instead of the usual conscious level thinking.

For this particular “Parasite Purge” blend – the focus is going to be on the thought patterns and energy cycles that are being syphoned from you mentally – instead of the physical parasites themselves.

Mental loops and patterns of “parasitic thoughts” drain your energy in drastically greater ways than physical parasites do – because the ONE thing you can’t get more of….TIME – is being drained from you energetically.  These mental programs and thoughts also persuade you to engage in behaviors or thought patterns that then manifest the physical reality in which your energy is drained from you – which can come in the form of “feelings of anxiousness”, spacing out, disconnecting, or partaking in behaviors that waste your time.

It is important to realize the difference that this product combination deals with vs the standard parasite purge that people are used to – in which physical parasites are address and expelled via the body, and the mental energy is then left to deal with afterward.

The ”Parasite Purge” spagyric is a blend of Agarwood, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Black Walnut, Clove, Black Mangrove Honey – as well as colloidal Obsidian and Black Tourmaline.

Let’s explore the ingredients purposes:


Agarwood is rumored to be the one plant Adam was able to bring out of the Garden of Eden when he was kicked out – to help him (and Eve, and all of Humanity) get back into the Garden of Eden and find Heaven.  High quality Agarwood is one of the most expensive natural substances on the planet – and can run as high as $100,000 per kilogram.

Agarwood is normally a plant that provides very little value – until it is infected with a certain species of fungus that is brought into the plant via ants.  This fungus then signals a cascade within the plant that induces a very special essential oil production – in which the plant uses to ward off the fungus and infection and keep the plant “immune” to the infection.

This particular ingredient works very heavily in the “hippocampus” – or the switchboard between the short and long term memory, that is mentioned in the Bible verse “Revelation 17:11”

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”

The Hippocampus looks like a horse, a WHITE SEAHORSE to be exact – and is the seat of memory in which Jesus rides back into your life via remembering what it was like to live in Heaven and the Garden of Eden – and your TRUE FORM.

This ingredient helps one to remember their Divinity and pure essence – and to rise above the lower nature of the Animus or Ego that chains them to their lower physical reality, temptation, and vibration of Karmic lessons.

Through Agarwood – the mental “parasites” of bad ideas, habits, subconscious programming, and wasted time is revealed as you remember your True Nature and vibration of your Soul and alignment with Divinity as originally designed by The Creator.  This will help one to rise above limiting thought patterns of “unworthiness, ungratefulness”, and lack of “self belief” of their True Self.  One must then consciously change their thought patterns to reflect the worth of the Image in which they were created – which is the reflection of the entire Universe and all creation in Human form.

Myrrh is a sticky sap/resin that is excreted from the Myrrh tree when it is “wounded” or “tapped” via cuts to the tree – and the plant excretes a sticky sap that has highly antimicrobial and protective/wound healing properties.

Myrrh is an optogenetic “dampener” that has the ability to dampen and soften UV light.  In genetics and cellular functions – our BioPhoton release is used to signal different cellular functions like DNA assembly, cleaning, and cellular division.  Myrrh is historically used to protect the body from UV radiation and sunburns – and this cascades cellularly into the ability to “dampen” the UV light signals within the cells that are released to signal cellular cascades – as well as the influx of Universal energy.

This is important, because it allows a stronger, cleaner signal to be sent and received – so that it can “cut through the noise” but not “burn the cell” with its strong signal.  This allows for optogenetic and universal energies to be more clearly received with their amplified signals without “burning” the cell or ones consciousness as it learns to integrate more light energy.

Our souls are based on pure light and frequency without physical form, and this light is embodied and the connection cascades in an explosion of light in the form of the element Zinc “flashing” at the moment of conception between the egg and sperm fusing through the miracle of life being embodied into 3D reality.

Myrrh in this blend helps one to not only protect from microbial infections and infections to the “soul stream” in which an influx of “computer code” is beamed from the Universe and The Soul to a physical body.  Parasites and infections insert themselves into this code and manifest their being through insertion of this “light code” – and Myrrh helps one to distinguish “Self vs Non-Self” in this Soul Stream of your True Self, and acts like a “computer antivirus program” to help recognize rouge codes within The Self and mark them for deletion.

This allows one to know “who they really are” vs the rogue programs that insert their coding into your soul stream through trauma, infection, and sin.

Palo Santo:
Palo Santo is known as “Ecuadorian Holy Wood” – and is a bit of the “Frankincense” of Central America / Caribbean.  Palo Santo has exceptional purification properties, and in terms of biology it contains a left handed alpha-pinene that interacts directly with DNA through NFkB and IkBA – both of which directly modify and modulate inflammatory response.

In looking at the spiritual component of Palo Santo – it is the primary plant on the planet that is the ”deletion program” to wipe our cellular, genetic, and conscious hard drives of nefarious and out-dated programs that have inserted themselves into our Soul Codes and our genetics.

Palo Santo resonates heavily with Scorpio energy, which is all about “Death and Rebirth”.  It also signals a genetic response called “Caspase 3” – known as “Death’s Scythe” or “The Executioner Gene”.  Cellularly – infections and mutations such as viruses and cancers “shut off” this gene in order to allow their lifecycle to continue in an infected or mutated cell, allowing the infection and mutations to continue to spread.  Apoptosis is a program a cell has that when a cell is infected or mutated, it will normally express this genetic program so that the cell “self destructs” to limit the spread of mutations or infections contained within the cell.

Palo Santo is great not only for “Death and Rebirth” (Scorpio energy) – but also for purging the emotions around “Fear”, as there usually is no greater fear than “Death” to any living being.  This “fear” purge manifests physically as the ability for cells to “break the fear of death” and allow themselves to be purged, in order that something cleaner and better might be reborn in its place.

In terms of consciousness – Palo Santo helps allow one mentally to “let ideas die” and approaches the fear of “how will my life be different if I change”.  This leads to a freedom from “Death’s Sting” (the stinger of the Scorpion of Scorpio) – and inspired the song lyrics of “Where oh death, is your sting?” in “Christ the Lord is risen indeed”.

This allows one to approach the mental programs and thought patterns that are syphoning your energy and time to “Die” and be deleted, and helps one to directly address the fear of “leaving the known and letting something new be created” within themselves.  This is also akin to the “antivirus program in a computer” that does the actual deletion of rogue code – where as Myrrh and Agarwood are more the “identifiers” in terms of computer code.

Clove has strong “anti-viral” properties and has one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of nearly any supplement in existence.  This gives it exceedingly high quantum energy storage capacity to donate to body functions and processes – as well as the energy to “run the antivirus programs” and power the deletion function of rogue programs and mental processes.

By neutralizing all the “free radicals” or “the mess that parasites and rogue programs” release as a ”shroud” to keep the body and mind from being able to identify the source of the problem because of confusion and “smokescreens” released by parasites and rogue programs in order to conceal themselves.

Clove also has exceedingly high purification properties to help neutralize the pathogenic charge on heavy metals and other toxins that would normally rob your body and mind of the electric capacity needed to run other body functions instead.  Think of it as a “plant version of glutathione” that provides the electric capacity required to neutralize energy drains within the body and keep them from replicating and cascading and continuing to run.

When combined with the other ingredients, Clove provides an excellent electrical energy source to run identification, deletion, and reprogramming tasks within your holographic code.  This allows the other ingredients to do their job better without becoming “confused” by the smokescreens and holographic shrouds parasitic and rogue programs use as tools of deception and concealment.

Black Walnut:
Black Walnut is historically used specifically for parasite purging functions, and is often taken in internal capsules and tinctures in order to purge physical parasites from the body.  When the Black Walnut drops its fruits, the skins of the walnuts cleanse the area around them to ensure that only the seed of the tree will have an area in which to grow – as it purifies the area in which its offspring may take root.

This in essence, imparts the purification properties upon your consciousness in which it “clears the area” in which your soul will take root – ensuring that only your soul is able to take root.  This ensures that rogue programs and pathogenic insertions of chaos are cleared from your consciousness as you allow your Soul Stream to take root within 3D consciousness without competing with anything else that would sap nutrients, energy, and space within your field of existence.

In this particular creation it helps to “create space” in which your consciousness can be identified appropriately without “weeds” growing within your Soul Stream’s space of existence.  This is important to allow one to develop a sense of “self vs non-self” so you only feed and allow that is which YOU to exist within your 3rd dimensional reality.

This will help you identify which thoughts are actually yours, and which are being inserted via rogue programs that are competing for existence within a limited supply of energy, time, and space in which to inhabit a body for a period of time.

Before moving onto the next ingredients, I would like to ask you to take a moment to understand the “octaves” in which different ingredients resonate within.  Plant extracts exist within a certain “plane of existence” that has a frequency akin to keys and chords on a piano (or any other musical instrument).

Plants being created after the Earth and Universe was formed – have a different “Octave” in which they operate, as they’re more complex and more “solid” in terms of conscious reality as a program.  By solid, I mean that they have a more direct effect on the conscious mind as they operate as a “more complex construct” of code that is more easily interpreted by the conscious mind and body – as the program unfolds more in a direct 3D reality vs a Quantum Realm of probability that reality is built upon.

Included in in this blend are colloidal crystal inclusions to help one tap into the “Quantum realm of probability” in which your solid reality “crystalizes” as the thoughtforms of God slow down and unfold into 3D reality as more “solid” and “crystalized” ideas manifested as matter.

The colloidal crystals in the creation operate within this quantum realm of probability as a “bridge” between your subconscious mind and reality to your waking level 3D consciousness, with the plant extracts helping to be “interpreters” and “guides” to help you integrate the lessons from your subconscious and colloidal crystals into your waking level consciousness and awareness.

Simply put, the colloidal crystals operate in a different “octave” than the plants do - which means they speak a deeper, symbolistic, “quantum language” that must be interpreted through conscious archetypal languages in order to understand the sub-space energetic organizations of thoughts as a coagulation of ideas and not “real” things, that are subject to your interpretations.

Crystals speak at a level in which “ideas” and “matter” are based around organizational coherence around an “idea” that has turned from thought form into 3D matter – and teaches us how matter itself crystalizes from a spiritual concept, akin to a “program” in the matrix, and what code that program is written in that resonates with the Universal Language that God programmed the entire universe in.

Black Tourmaline:
Black Tourmaline is spiritually used as a form of “energetic, psychic defense” and grounding.  The reasons behind this, is that Black Tourmaline is very “grounding” and it helps keep you in resonance with the background pulsing of The Universe as a “baseline” for operating your consciousness and its interpretation of reality.  It also in physical reality is used as a “heat sink” and EMF shielding for sensitive electronics, as it has the capacity to block and/or transmute EMFs into a more coherent field repatterning, as well as direct heat rapidly away from a high energy electronic device.

This translates into an excellent way to keep your mind grounded in solid reality, while exploring less “solid” thoughts and thought patterns – in order to understand how the entire Universe is MENTAL at its core, and we get suck in our perspective of seeing the world through the lens of our 5 senses.

It also allows one to have an “energetic shield” of a kind due to the grounding effect, so that it makes it harder for rogue programs and viral thought forms to insert themselves into your consciousness and replicate – infecting the system of your consciousness.  It also assists you in providing a “consciousness heat-sink” in which to ground off old thought patterns through so that they may be released, recycled, and frees up the energetic capacity that these rogue programs would have occupied.  You cannot fill a cup that is already full – Black Tourmaline helps you to “empty the cup of your consciousness” of that which no longer serves you in order to free up processing power and energetic thought-space.

Obsidian is volcanic glass that forms naturally. It comes from the rapid cooling of felsic lava. Obsidian is naturally black in color and has a glassy texture and a vitreous luster. There are several shades of Obsidian including rainbow, snowflake, gold, and mahogany. Obsidian is hard and brittle and was commonly used for tools. The meaning of Obsidian is safety and grounding.


The Protective Obsidian Stone

  • Born from the raw energy of a volcano

  • Historically used to make arrow heads and cutting tools

  • Sharp edges symbolic of piercing darkness to find the light

Dark and dreamy, the volcanic glass rock of Obsidian is a sword against negative energy and a powerful anchor for keeping you grounded in this good life. While some may turn their eyes to brighter stones, the Obsidian is a beautiful stone. Obsidian is formed by the quick cooling of volcanic lava in an earthly and scientific way that causes it to harden like glass. It has been around since the beginning of time and has been used in trading by the Mayans since 100 B.C.

Obsidian can be found across the globe, from the azure shores and fisherman huts of Greece to the ice and fire of Iceland, and the mythical jungles and lost cities of Mexico. It’s a stone that comes swallowed up in a lot of history. Beloved by the Mayan’s and the Aztecs, Obsidian was used in a multitude of ways – from jewelry to homeware and even weapons. It was used to make arrowheads and cutting tools and in its heyday, it had more worth than gold. But the allure for Obsidian went beyond the basic utilitarian. It was also coveted by shamans, healers, and stone-age spiritualists. Light healers longed for Obsidian and crystal gazers also craved the stone so they could look deeper into the spiritual realms.

Its sharp edges were a symbol that the darkness could be pierced to reveal the white light of the truth. Its polished surface resembled a mirror for looking into the future with crystal-clear clarity, and its volcanic roots speak to a well of raw energy that when harnessed can be soul-shaking. The dark sheen Obsidian has many faces and for those who want to look a little closer at the deeply protective and grounding stone.

Protective and perfectly poised to help you heal deeply, the Obsidian Stone is best known for keeping you in the clear when it comes to negative emotions and negative energy. No matter if your bad juju is coming from you or from external forces, Obsidian will work to throw its cloak of protection over your shoulders, ensuring that no matter what – you aren’t dragged down into a pit of despair. It is a companion stone that truly helps you to feel safe.


While some may shy away from the darker hues of the Obsidian Stone for something that brings brighter hues to the party, it’s important to remember that everything in life is all about balance. Without the night there is no day, without the darkness there is no light. This is where Obsidian swoops in to serve you. It is a truth-seeker stone and rather than encourage you to walk in falsehood, it is more about finding ways to face up to all the different angles of yourself so that you are full and ready and invulnerable when it is finally time to step into that light.

In short, Obsidian gives you all the courage you need to explore the unknown, embrace who you truly are, and to dissolve old traumas and stop holding onto all that which is no longer serving you. When you follow through with the art of letting go and facing up to your deeper self, there is so much room for growth and before you know it- those branches that you may have inadvertently been clipping are ready to reach for the sky.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Clears the root chakra

  • Dissolves blockages in the solar plexus chakra

  • Has mirror like qualities to see into other realms

One of the strongest connections you can expect from your Obsidian Stone is its ability to strengthen your root chakra. This is one of the most important chakras we have as it is known for keeping us grounded no matter what is going on in the world around us. When the root chakra is blocked, we feel untethered and suddenly unstable, as though danger or negativity waits at every turn. With Obsidian sending its healing energy straight where it is needed, you can stand safe and strong and without the risk of any kind of psychic attack.

For centuries sages and healers also turned to the power of Obsidian to help tap into that third eye chakra. They believed the mirror-like qualities of Obsidian could provide a glimpse into another realm and could guide the way towards higher knowledge and cosmic consciousness. The Black Obsidian Stone is also known for helping out when it comes to your solar plexus chakra. This is our third chakra in the body and is best associated with the place where our self-esteem and sense of worth flows from. When the solar plexus is blocked it can send us off balance and make us feel lost, flailing, or even shy in our own skin. Using the Obsidian mirror you can look within and remove the blockage that is keeping you from living out your very best life without the confinements of fear. 

The Black Tourmaline and Obsidian colloidal inclusions combine to give you an exceeding level of “grounded-ness” while moving through your subconscious and conscious thought patterns to give you not only a level of protection through your level headedness, but also a mirror in which to see yourself and your thoughts, as they are, through.  The “sharp” edges of Obsidian that historically has been used to make some of the sharpest blades there are – help you to “cut through” all of the lies and illusions that you paint yourself (and are painted for you due to the rogue programs) and gives you the higher perspective of being able to look through the lens of Truth instead.  Their combined ability to keep you solidified and grounded in 3D reality while mentally processing many higher level thought processes, attachments, understandings, and emotional turmoil gives one an incredible advantage to purging and replacing rogue programs and parasitic thought patterns – as it keeps you “here, now, and YOU”.

Agni Manitite:

Agni Manitite, also known on the market as Pearl of Fire, is an extremely rare tektite found on the island of Java, Indonesia. The color ranges from a dark charcoal grey-black to a smoky translucent color. Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “agni mani”, meaning “pearl of the divine fire”. These tektites were formed when a meteorite crash landed over the Indonesian archipelago. This resulted in the heating of the surface that was enough to liquidize it, thus giving Mother Earth a mineral from out of this world. What makes this so rare, is that most of the pieces of Agni Manitite are now underwater, resulting in this tektite to be incredibly hard to come by. It’s unlike Moldavite, where farmers can just plow their fields and yield one of the highest regarded E.T. stones.

Pearl of Fire resonates directly with the solar plexus chakra, activating it and engaging it to “warp speed”. You’ll immediately notice the connection and overseeing ability of your personal energy levels and the unique attributes that make you, you. Most of these traits stem from our second brain (our gut) and hold the key to unlocking a majority of answers we may not have even been looking for. This Tektite specializes in raising your creative, manifestation, and adventurous energy levels to new heights. This is in hopes of one channeling their own conjured energy into the task, dream, goal or desire that is at the forefront of their mind. Pearl of Fire should result in increased confidence of yourself and your own capabilities. You are given a gift when you are born into this world; free will (consciousness). This is simply the ability to freely pick and choose your interests, while being consciously aware of your emotional state. Agni Manitite helps direct your own personal will to that which truly brings happiness and joy into your life. This results in better thinking, strength, and positivity that will spread throughout your physical vessel like wildfire.

Raising Your Vibrations

While much of the world is busy distracted by 21st century problems, you are defining your soul amongst the rest by achieving a higher level of spirituality. This is exactly what a stone created from a space-drifting meteorite can do. This stone should serve as a reminder that anything is possible as long as your soul and mind can become synchronized with the world around you. By being able to understand your surroundings, one will become a leader amongst the pack. Just as a leader's role is to push forward and lead the way, they are also very respected and powerful beings. They have a community that listens and takes their word at the highest value. This is something one cannot just find in this world, rather it must be built over time.
Agni Manitite pushes one's leadership values to the next level and helps you to slowly bring your own community together on a mission of peace, light, and self embetterment.

The inclusion of this crystal in the package will amplify the vibration and signal unique to your soul in order to help you identify who you are, what work you need to do, and what you came to this planet to do.  The very essence of your Soul-Stream will be highlighted as to your unique talents, gifts, and abilities that ONLY YOU are capable of bringing to this world, and what set you apart as a individual living a 3rd dimensional life as a reflection of your Soul itself.

It will give you the extra “push” to clear out that which is rogue, outdated, misaligned, holding you back, sapping your energy, or what simply “isn’t YOU” or what “isn’t mean FOR you”.

It combines with all the other aspects of this bundle to really give you that extra push to not only clear out that what needs to be pruned from your reality, but also to continually KEEP PUSHING to ground in the REAL YOU from your Soul-Stream so that you can find the motivation, clarity, and drive to do what you are here to do on this planet (while enjoying yourself as much as possible along the way).

Also included in this bundle is a piece of Agarwood that you may burn either by lighting a corner or edge of it and letting the smoke and scent fill the room (much like lighting sage), or simply have as an energetic tool to impart its frequency and vibration to your existence as a “template” to assimilate as a thought pattern for yourself – akin to a “computer program” that you may run at any time by simply holding it, or even just thinking about it.

The level at which you consciously take each of the ingredients, purposes, and combination of all of them as a whole will allow you to understand YOURSELF as a reflection of not just the tools provided to you in this bundle, but also the challenges that you will overcome and reprogram and deprogram along the way.

Due to FDA compliance, I cannot tell you to take 1-3 drops of the spagyric on the tongue spread out through the day.  It can be used topically in an area that is holding “programs” or “parasitic energy” that you desire to purge (genitals, lower back, insides of ankles, etc).

I CAN tell you, that this operates on an entirely different level than any supplement or tincture you’ve used before, and it is best to take it slowly and use it intentionally – paying VERY close attention to your thoughts and things that are brought to the surface for you to pay attention to and transmute.

This combination of products may also be used in conjunction with a standard/physical parasite purge product of your choice to increase the rate in which you cleanse your consciousness.


I will also add a live/recorded guided meditation and singing bowl session at no extra charge to further add to the value and guide people through the experience even more.

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