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Operation SOS

Every day 22 Veterans commit suicide, and over 90% of them have never seen combat.

The numerous mandatory vaccinations given to United States soldiers are wreaking havoc on their bodies, minds, and souls.  They contain retroviruses, mycoplasmas, metal nano-particles, and other rogue proteins that are used for behavioral and genetic modification crippling our soldiers physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The military also issues drugs like Lariam, known as "the military's suicide pill," that are high in fluoride, a neurotoxin, which causes both brain and mitochondrial damage and also drives heavy metals from vaccines across the blood brain barrier.

The Military does not want thinking, compassionate soldiers.  They want men and women who follow orders. When you disable an individual’s capacity for compassion by systematically poisoning them, people become less empathetic in their decision making process and more likely to submit to the orders they are given. This is extremely damaging to the individual. It can result in self-destructive behavior, an inability to feel love for others, and isolation from the Creator. 

The results of this damage are broken families, broken homes, and broken souls.  The Human Soul does not like having pieces of its consciousness disabled and blocked. The outcome is often feelings of hopelessness, depression, and subsequent suicide.

At Phoenix Ministries our goal with this project is to provide a safe place for Veterans to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually - all without drugs and using the tools that the Creator blessed us with. 


This can be nutrition, essential oils, acupuncture, Raindrop Techniques, growing plants and flowers, PEMF therapy, light therapy, sound healing, and of course Prayer.


Healing without drugs is not only possible, it's a reality if you know how to do it, and let the Creator guide you.

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