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Black Tourmaline and EMF Protection

Black Tourmaline is one of the premiere crystals for EMF protection. It's deep, steady vibration anchors you to the Earth itself and helps to make chaotic energies more coherent and unified. When it comes to EMF "protection" - crystals like Back Tourmaline do not BLOCK EMF radiation, they help to HARMONIZE it make it more coherent. Think of EMF's like disturbing the surface of calm waters. Black Tourmaline has a field of coherence around it that helps to "calm the quantum waters" and make EMF energies less damaging as a whole by reducing the "static" and "chaos" of the transmitted frequencies. It's kind of like a Mom that comes in and cleans up the Chaos after a child leaves a swath of destruction behind it. Black Tourmaline differs from Tibetan Smoky Quartz primarily in it's mineral make up, as well as is geometric crystalline arrangement. If you look at the picture What Is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline comprise of a very complex and varied chemical formula. The stones’ makeup is characterised by the presence of boron, a naturally occurring element.

Interestingly, earth’s major source of boron is magma, or molten rock. Black tourmaline crystals comprise of boron, as well as aluminium, a number of hydrate molecules and silicon. It’s also common for tourmaline to contain sodium or calcium (but not both), as well as lithium, magnesium or iron.

Knowing the volcanic formation of pegmatite is key to understanding how these stones are created.

Pegmatite is characterised by its coarse grain, which often contains very large crystals. It’s created when magma cools down. However, unlike other rocks formed from molten rock, pegmatite is developed from the aqueous solutions within the magma. These streaks of hot liquid are rich in elements like iron and silicone. Pegmatite rock forms as the mix of liquids cools down and forms crystals. This rock contains a mix of different minerals, including tourmaline. The physical properties of a black tourmaline stone include plenty of vertical striations, ridges and furrows. Other than a dark black hue, some varieties of tourmaline include pink, green, blue and red.

The stone is pyroelectric and has the ability to produce electricity once it’s heated. Furthermore, black tourmaline is also referred to as a piezoelectric stone, which means that it’s able to store electrical charge. Many believe that the stone’s pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties make it extremely powerful and that it can add plenty of benefits to one’s health and well-being. Black Tourmaline is also used in EMP shielding in electronic devices, as well as a heatsink to funnel heat away from it. This mirrors the spiritual actions of EMF protection, and psychic shielding in Human Consciousness. If you BLOCK EMF's, then the signal is completely unable to get through - and devices like your Wifi and Cell Phone won't work at all. In a modern day and age - it's very difficult to get away from EMF's, because so many people rely on technology to continue their daily lives. The good news is, because of God's gifts like Black Tourmaline - we don't have to entirely give up our technological conveniences if we're mindful of the side effects of them. This is where crystals like Black Tourmaline come in - they help in being MINDFUL of the EMF's and helps you take conscious steps to minimize the impact of our modern technological world on not only ourselves, but the world around us.

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