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extended solutions

As part of our program to continue to support Veterans after they have healed - we plan to have companies 3D print "Hempcrete" houses and create a "microcluster" of affordable Veteran housing and provide them with jobs working on Hemp farms nearby the housing "microclusters".

This way after Veterans are ready to move on and have healed, they have a place to go live with other Veterans and a place to work and earn an income for themselves until they are ready to move onto wherever they would like to go next.

In the future we also plan to create Veteran owned Organic farms that will deliver fresh, Organic produce to local restaurants and eventually to the entire nation!!!

This way Veterans have an end goal and someplace to go - and don't have to wonder what they will do with their lives once they've recovered.

By no means will it be mandatory, but giving them the option to have affordable housing, support, and a place to work is a wonderful step to true independence after they have healed physically, mentally, and spiritually.


The final phase

Phoenix Ministries doesn't plan to stop there either.  We plan to provide the "cluster housing" in an even bigger and more scalable way to help battered women, orphans, and homeless or needy people in general.


Entire housing complexes can be erected to help those that temporarily are out of a place to stay.  Be it someone who's lost their job, who's health has taken a tumble and they've racked up extreme medical bills, or a messy divorice that leaves parents with kids with no place to turn - Phoenix Ministries wants to take all we've done and make it available to anyone in need.

Further potential


Veterans have dreams, and we want to help them build them.


An Organic, Veteran owned and run restaurant inside the greenhouse living clusters?

We say yes!


There's no limit to the number of ways we can give back to Humanity, and the more wonderful, cost effective, and healthy solution we can provide the better!

practice what you preach


Not only do we want to provide a place for people in need 24/7/365 to come and goes as needed, but we also believe that we should practice what we preach.

We plan to have our offices and workers who have come onto the project more long term to work and have the option to live in the same places we are offering to those in need.

God has created all of Humanity equal - and we don't believe that we should be putting ourselves above anyone we aim to help.


As time goes on we also plan to have rental places available for local business to occupy, and take the profits from it to donate back to the charity project.  You can run a business like a charity - so why not merge the best of both worlds?


Imagine Organic fine dining, owned and operated by a previously homeless Veteran???

Imagine a portion of all profits goes back to the Ministries to help those in need???

We can!


We also plan to offer private memberships for those looking for an escape from the modern world to come study, read, or just become inspired in our spaces - with all of the profits going back to the Ministries to help those in need.

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