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Crystal infused water

Crystal infused waters are made using sterilized crystal singing bowls along with sterilized crystals submersed in the water and then played.  Each different crystal bowl is attuned to a different "Chakra" or bodily energy system, and infused with a different intention to be paired with the crystal and possibly and essential oil and/or flower.

Water contains memory as seen in the experiments Dr. Emoto, The Institue of Stuttgart,  Gerald Pollack, and many others.

You may check out a few of the videos to deepen your understanding of the scientific aspect of The Creator's magnificent design of that which gives us life, water - below:

The water records the intention, the vibration of the sound, and imprint of the blueprint of the crystal, as well as the amplification effects and emotional imprint of the essential oil.

Water is also able to structure itself into a 4 Dimensional organized form when it is directed within our cells and body by the living systems of The One Light and when a piezoelectric field is applied, or as it flows natrually as the works of Victor Schauberger illustrate (if you don't know him look his works up - he is the "Tesla of Water").

When these 4 Dimensional molecules interact with our consciousness - all of space is able to fold upon itself like origami as the water within our body and cells "copies" the template of the water we give it with "Crystal Infused Water" creating a potentially drastic change in consciousness and physical vibration.



The Cintamani, a Sanskrit word meaning wish-fulfilling jewel, is a tektite found only in Arizona, scientifically called Saffordite. This pinkish brown to lavender gray tektite has one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure Light and Love and manifesting the purity of the Soul.


It is a reflection of the inner jewel, the I AM presence, and the totality of being. Because it, most significantly, lifts the veil and radically advances both the spiritual heart and the higher calling, it is best-suited for those lightworkers and star seeds, who are already realizing their divine mission.


It vigorously dissolves implants, negative thought forms, emotional blockages and outdated belief systems, so one must be prepared to let go of the old debris to further liberate the greater self. It expands cosmic consciousness, love, light and grace, establishing peace and harmony within oneself, and with life and relationships. It aligns all 12 chakras while opening the heart, brow, crown, and 5 chakras above the head. Likewise, all subtle bodies are balanced, with astral, causal, spiritual and soul bodies being stimulated.


Metaphysically, while Saffordites share similarities with both Tektites and Obsidian, they are more aligned with the Tektites.  Saffordites are most like the Tektite variety Moldavite as they help with rapid spiritual evolution and chakra activation in addition to cleansing and protecting.  Like Obsidian they help to clean out the negative and aid in psychic protection.

Saffordites help lift the veil to the collective consciousness, advancing the spiritual heart and aligning people with their highest mission.  They have the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure light and love, manifesting the purity of the soul.  They are the reflection of the I AM Presence and are best suited for those star seeds and lightworkers who are already realizing their divine mission.  These stones vigorously dissolve implants, negative thought forms, emotional blockages and outmoded belief systems.  They expand cosmic consciousness, love, light and grace, establishing peace and harmony within oneself and with life and one’s relationships.  These stones align with all of the chakras, including the new major energy centers.

Saffordite being the Ultimate "I AM" stone - magnifies your worst properties and brings the darkest aspects and sloppiest pieces of your consciousness to the surface in order that they might be recognized, loved and transmuted.  The process of integrating the shadow self isn't comfortable, but is necessary for those who desire to fully embody the Christ/Sophia consciousness within themselves.

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