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Citrus Essential Oils and Cancer

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This class will teach you all about the different citrus oils, how to use them, the differences, how they work, the chemical compounds worth noting, how they effect body PH, what is the Krebbs cycle, the Warburg and Reverse Warburg effect and how it relates to quantum electron tunneling and the citric acid cycle, how they impact the mitochondria of a cell, detoxification, lymph and liver support, chemostatic and chemotherapeutic properties and how they work against cancer, how to use them to support cancer, and how it all relates to shrinking vascularization of cancers correlating to body PH, oxidative stress, aerobic vs anaerobic respiration, and lumping it all into one smooth explanation so you can not only use citrus oils to support your health in a myriad of ways - but use them as chemopreventative, chemotherapeutic, and chemostatic agents. Class will be free for a period of time and then switch to paid.

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