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"Isheh" - Saffron Spagyric Guideance

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This program will teach you all about the word "Isheh" in Hebrew, what it means, what they letter "Shin" means, we'll talk about "fire" in terms of a spiritual perspective (Fire, The Fire, Like The Fire, Belonging to The Fire, In The Fire, What Fire (hidden fire), how this relates to purification, what the Hebrew phrase "Blood" means and how it ties into the word "Adam" or "Humanity" (Hebrew), what that means for purification of sins and ancestoral ties and inheritance of "sin", The Scarlet Threat, as well as what to expect on week 1, 2, 3 - and beyond. For now the class will be free, and the product cost will cover acceptance into class with every purchase. If you have not purchased Isheh from the store page, you won't be admitted to the class.

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