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Aries Rising Spagyrics Class

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This class will teach you all about the Aries Rising spagyric, and what energies it will impart into your consciousness. We'll cover just what exactly a spagyric is briefly, but more importantly we'll cover the ingredients - and what each one of these different ingredients will impart in terms of energy to your consciousness. We'll also cover different exercises, tips, tricks, and things to be aware of during the course of using Aries Rising. We'll talk about physical durability, Aries energy as a whole, pushing back against The Matrix, pushing back against "ideas" and "beliefs" in order to reprogram them, the physical cascade and support you can bring during the use of Aries Rising, the energies of Saturn which is opposed Aries (kind of like arch-nemesis comic book style), as well as how to utilize the energies and keep the flood of emotional energy that will surface useful and productive. Individual sessions may be booked to assist with this as well.

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Aries Rising Spagyrics Class

Aries Rising Spagyrics Class

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