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The Big Picture

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This class will cover "The Big Picture" and Aquarian (Uranus) energies mixed with Mercury and what exactly to expect with use of "The Big Picture". There will be tips and tricks to keep yourself sane during the flood of information and ideas, as well as tips to help utilize those energies and ideas - and implement them into your daily life without being overwhelmed. The Big Picture is a little bit more gentle than the other spagyrics - but it can easily get overwhelming if not properly managed. Too many ideas and no action doesn't get us anywhere - so this class will help you harness those energies. Of course, you can just relax and let "The Big Picture" flooding in and just enjoy the ride and see things from a different perspective for a while - there really isn't a "right" answer. Personal sessions to help assist you with the changes are available as well in the "Bookings" tab.

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